Some Factors To Use To Evaluate Employee performance Part II

It can be difficult to determine how exactly you should evaluate your employees, especially if they perform a variety of duties and functions. Here are 10 of the most important factors to consider when you are evaluating your employees.

Initiative: Look at how the employee pursues their goals and responsibilities. Do they take it upon themselves to meet their objectives, or do they require some prodding? Do they demonstrate an eagerness to tackle goals or new responsibilities? Do they show a desire to excel at their job?

Communication: Does the employee share their thoughts and ideas effectively? Do they listen to others well? How well do they take direction and feedback? Can they clearly convey their thoughts in both speaking and writing?

Job knowledge: Does the employee display an acceptable level of knowledge regarding their specific role? Do they have the technical, administrative or specialized knowledge necessary to perform well? Are they willing and able to expand their job-specific knowledge?

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Problem-solving and decision-making: Can the employee effectively identify a problem and devise an appropriate solution? Can they quickly make and execute decisions? Do they get overwhelmed in the face of problems? Can they delegate and bring in outside assistance if necessary?

Planning and organization: Is the employee organized and consistently prepared? Are they able to identify and prioritize their daily, weekly and long-term responsibilities? Do they regularly meet their deadlines? Do they effectively manage their time?

Teamwork: Is the employee pleasant and polite to other employees? Do they work well in team settings? Do they display a professional and positive attitude? Are they able to communicate and collaborate well with others?