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How does E-Commerce Work?

E-commerce works on the same principles as a physical store. Customers come into your e-commerce store, browse products and make a purchase agen poker resmi. The big difference is they don’t have to get off their couch to do so, and your customer base isn’t limited to a specific geographic area or region.

Whether you’re selling running shoes or home supplies, you go through the same process when operating an e-commerce website:

Accept the order. The customer places an order on your website or e-commerce platform. You’ll be alerted that an order was placed.
Process the order. Next, the payment is processed, the sale is logged, and the order is marked complete. Payment transactions are usually processed through what is known as a payment gateway; think of it as the online equivalent of your cash register.
Ship the order. The last step in the e-commerce process is shipment. You have to ensure prompt delivery if you want repeat customers. Thanks to Amazon, consumers are used to getting items within two days.
To show how it works in action, here’s a look at a product’s journey when it is purchased online:

A customer visits your online shop and browses your products. She settles on a shirt. She chooses the size and color and adds it to the shopping cart.
An order manager or order management software confirms the product is in stock.
If the product is available and the customer is ready to check out, she enters her payment card details and shipping information on your payment form or page.
The payment processor, typically a bank, confirms the customer has enough cash in the bank or enough credit on her card to complete the transaction.
The customer gets a message on the website that the transaction went through. This all happens in seconds.
The order is dispatched from the warehouse and shipped. The customer will receive an email that the product is out for delivery.
The order is delivered, and the transaction is complete.

Save Money and Boost Productivity by Upgrading Your Technology

Small business budgets are tight, especially where IT is concerned. But technology upgrades can pay for themselves quickly by improving IT performance and enabling employees to accomplish more in less time Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo. It may be time to focus on your IT assets to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently.

Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your business technology is functional and up to date. Run the latest operating system. Older operating systems, like Microsoft Windows 7, have potential security flaws that hackers take advantage of, making a system more vulnerable to malware and other attacks. It’s not enough to run a current protection suite, such as one that combines antivirus, antispyware and a firewall, because the operating system itself may contain security holes.

With new cyberattacks being launched daily, your organization could easily fall prey to a ransomware attack or malware infection. Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system, is designed to be more secure than previous versions. Plus, it has a decent shelf life and should run just fine on PC hardware you purchased within the past three or four years. It requires a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and 20GB of free hard disk space (for the 64-bit version). Your PCs that are running Windows 7 probably meet those specifications already.

How to Choose a Company Name

A good company name is short, sweet and memorable judi online. Ideally, it loosely connects to your product or service, or reinforces your brand message.

“Good company names instill a sense of trust while allowing the target customer to identify your services quickly and easily,” said Anthony Babbitt, a business consultant. “In the age of phone books, people used AAA Plumbing in order to be the first listing in the yellow pages under plumbing. These tricks don’t work as well today when people rely on Google.”

When it comes to search engines, focus on keywords
Anyone who has done a Google search knows, the more specific your search is, the more results you’re going to get. But what if you’re searching for a type of product or service? Business names matter very much for this type of search.

“When we talk [about] search engines, even though some generic terms already have some search potential, there is a possibility that a name might confuse Google (in terms of visitors’ intent, are they looking for a brand or something else?), so that’s also something to think about,” said Milos Mudric, founder of SEO Brainiac. “In my opinion, Coca-Cola sounds better than ‘black soda,’ so I wouldn’t choose a generic name.”

A majority of Australians would welcome a universal basic income, survey finds

Nearly two-thirds of Australians say they would support situs slot online the introduction of a universal basic income (UBI), according to a new poll.

The finding comes after millions of Australians were forced to rely on some kind of regular welfare payment this year to survive the COVID recession.

According to Stanford University’s Basic Income Lab, at its core, a UBI is a cash payment given to all members of a community on a regular basis (for example every month) regardless of income level and with no strings attached.

More than 3.6 million workers received JobKeeper payments between March and September (totalling nearly $70 billion), and 1.5 million were still receiving the payments after the program was revised in October.

The number of Australians receiving JobSeeker unemployment payments almost doubled this year, jumping from 724,000 in February to 1.46 million in May, and by October that figure had only retraced a little to 1.35 million.